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Justin largely works in South Africa documenting people's responses to endemic social problems. His work focuses on the individual whilst confronting some of the wider problems in South African society.

Justin explores the different ways people respond to issues of identity in Africa; his portraiture focuses on empowerment in different communities with particular attention given to anti-poaching organisations facilitating social development and economic mobility for the most vulnerable. The work explores how we can manage conservation and confront illegal wildlife poaching through a sustainable use of our natural resources.

With social context running through the heart of his work, Justin also looks at the urban setting in South Africa. His gaze is directed to some of the women afflicted by gang-related violence in Cape Town and the country's prisons and their positive resistance to patriarchal dominance.


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Justin explores the changing landscape of our society through portraiture. His projects centre on individuals representing broader social change in society and the adaptive nature of our complex existence.

Using his series Dedication, he focuses on people’s working lives as an expression of identity and social attachment.

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Currently in South Africa documenting practices for the sustainable utilisation of natural resources in response to wildlife appropriation. His other work focuses on women affected by gang-related violence in Cape Town and the resultant costs to society.

Awards / Exhibitions


Shortlisted BJP Portrait of Britain, London
Finalist AOP Student Awards, London
Finalist Saatchi Young Artist Prize, London

Features / Publications


Portrait of Britain — Hoxton Mini Press
Float Photo Magazine — People Against Poaching
AINT-BAD Magazine — People Against Poaching

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