It Must be Built from Ashes

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Justin re-evaluates South Africa’s relationship with photography after a history of documentary realism in the country. His Cape Town based project, It Must be Built from Ashes, challenges mainstream associations surrounding Mitchells Plain and the Cape Flats as defined by the media, creating an intimate social dialogue with communities to reconstruct the presentation of its youth. Mitchells Plain, on the outskirts of Cape Town, is a purpose-built relocation area that manifested following forced removals from Cape Town’s inner-city during the country’s apartheid regime. The area’s history and geographic location are significant for the construction of its identity; the project evaluates the notion of citizenship and place-related identity as a way of breaking down historical constructs to create a renewed visual economy and sense of permanence.

The social dialogue set up through It Must be Built from Ashes visualises a critique of mainstream opinion surrounding youth and dominant sub-cultures prevalent on the Cape Flats. Through engagement with its youth, Justin’s work takes on the responsibility of constructing a more visually autonomous future for Mitchells Plain; overcoming preordained media representations and shifting the visual economy of the area. The diversity of Mitchells Plain is captured through nurturing relationships that explore interpretations of home and cultural identity — depicting children and young adults as they search for meaning in this world. The work confronts the ethics of viewership in South Africa and challenges our own relationship with the production of the post-colony; importantly, Justin’s work seeks to find his own sense of self in modern-day South Africa.

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Being for the Other

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Being for the Other focuses on an unarmed, all-women anti-poaching unit combatting the proliferation of illegal wildlife trafficking in South Africa. The group was initiated as an educational response aimed at confronting factors causing young people in local communities to enter into the dangerous industry. Although drastic measures have recently been taken to deter poachers from the reserves — including dehorning the rhino population — lack of employment opportunity in rural communities makes the quick money of poaching appealing. Justin’s work looks at the social aspects contributing towards the perpetuation of poaching in South Africa, illustrating an alternative approach in tackling a complex, socially embedded issue.

Poaching syndicates are now operating with a sense of gangsterism in local communities; families suffer loss and the natural resources of the next generation are increasingly in jeopardy. There is, however, strong sentiment that people are reclaiming what is naturally theirs — the poaching mentality in South Africa contests historic colonial rule and land ownership as the majority have not benefited from land privatisation and the commodification of wildlife in the country. Justin’s work gives a voice to the people affected by poaching, exploring communities’ history with land entitlement at a time when criticism of political claims in a post-colonial context is commonplace in South Africa.

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Justin's work researches the relation between culture and identity in South Africa. His editorial projects Being for the Other and It Must be Built from Ashes explore his own relationship with South Africa's history in a post-colonial context. Justin continues to develop his practice on the MA Documentary Photography at The University of South Wales in Cardiff.

Awards / Exhibitions


Photo Vogue Festival 'A Glitch in the System' — Group Show Milan
Through The Lens Collective Portrait Exhibition — Group Show Johannesburg
The Independent Photographer — Group Show Barcelona & Berlin
Life Framer — Group Show London & Milan
Lucie Foundation Photo Taken Grant — Shortlisted
Life Framer Youthhood — Shortlisted
Lucie Foundation MOPLA Analogue Portrait Project — Group Show Los Angeles


BJP Portrait of Britain — Shortlisted
AOP Student Awards — Group Show London
Saatchi Young Artist Prize — Group Show London

Features / Publications


Talents of the Year — The Independent Photographer
It's Nice That
New European Photography — Fresh Eyes x GUP Magazine
Untitled — Curated by Henry Jay Kamara x Vibbar


Portrait of Britain — BJP x Hoxton Mini Press
Float Photo Magazine — People Against Poaching
AINT-BAD Magazine — People Against Poaching

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