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New Women follows all-female anti-poaching units combatting the proliferation of illegal wildlife trafficking in South Africa. The project explores both working and domestic lives, navigating the mergence between changing attitudes and changing identities. It explores how changing sentiment in South Africa to acknowledge gender-based social inequalities relates to its increased engagement with the rest of the world through politics, technology and investment. Importantly, New Women looks at the individual and explores how fundamental changes for women in society can lead to sustained social development and effectively confront the issue of poaching.

Mitchells Plain looks at some of the issues faced by young people on the Cape Flats, exploring different attitudes within a shared context overshadowed by violence and gang-culture. Throughout communities in Mitchells Plain is a noticeable sense of belonging - this project creates a dialogue to explore people's responses to social setting through cultural identity. The work abandons sensationalised views of dominant gang-culture on the Cape Flats, depicting children and young adults as they enter life and search for meaning in this world. Crucially, Mitchells Plain seeks to provide a first-hand interpretation of common perceptions surrounding youth on the Cape Flats through an intimate social dialogue.

Both projects are shot entirely on film.

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Justin's work researches the relation between culture and identity in South Africa. Having recently returned from working in the country, his editorial projects New Women and Mitchells Plain explore his own relationship with South Africa's history in a post-colonial context. He continues to develop the projects and seeks to further his practice with a Photography MA later this year.

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Lucie Foundation MOPLA Analogue Portrait Project — Group Show Los Angeles


BJP Portrait of Britain — Shortlisted London
AOP Student Awards — Group Show London
Saatchi Young Artist Prize — Group Show London

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